Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

by Walter Steele

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share the love. But buying gifts for your special Valentine can be stressful. If you know a little bit about what they like, however, you can discover many of ways to make them swoon this Valentine’s Day. 


For The Hip Festival Hopping Guy


The most serious concert goers know how to bring it all without having it weigh them down. With our leather hip bag, they’ll head to Coachella, Carnaval, and Woodstock 2019 in style.

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, nothing beats leather and organization. Bonus tip: Throw in a pair of concert tickets you can use together. 


For The Miss Who Never Misses The Shot


Your girl loves to snap the perfect shot; and not from her iPhone. The best valentine gift for the girlfriend who creates beautiful memories is a handmade leather camera strap.

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

Our camera straps are made by a small group of artisans, making them completely unique. It’s a gift of love that’s gorgeous, exceptional, and exactly what she needs. Bonus tip: Add a few rolls of good old-fashioned film. 


For The Man Who Has Everything


Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him range from practical to entertaining. When in doubt about what he wants, choose something he can use. Every man should own at least one genuine leather belt.

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

From caramel to black, the right color can make even an old pair of jeans look divine. And our leather money belt has a secret compartment to stash away funds unnoticed. Bonus tip: Plan a full day of hiking or shopping together. 


For The Girl Who’s Always On The Run


If your girl is always on the go, the best valentine gift for her is a genuine leather crossbody bag. This small wonder has enough room for everything she needs to get through her day.

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

As she rushes from work, to the gym, to a dinner with you, this crossbody bag will rush with her. It won’t slip off her shoulder like traditional purses, and grabby thieves don’t stand a chance. Bonus tip: Include a gift certificate for a relaxing massage.


For The Boot Lover


When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, or the best valentine gift for girlfriend, suede and leather boots will please everyone.

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

Mr. Valentine will treasure our handmade classic suede Chukka boots. Ms. Valentine will cherish our durable and sexy tall leather boots.  

Don’t Be Stumped This Valentine’s Day

A little bit of leather goes a long way. Especially when it comes to a gift of love.

Walter Steele
Walter Steele


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