Handmade Leather Bags

We love our handmade leather bags. From handmade leather backpacks to leather waist pouches, we make sure that you have only the highest quality leather goods. If you carry almost everything with you everywhere you go, our leather bags are a comfortable, practical, and stylish option. Whether you’re looking for a small courier’s bag or something a bit larger, such as one of our handmade leather duffel bags, we have just the bag for you.

Browse our selection of leather bags to find the handmade leather backpack, waist pouch, or whatever other bag calls to you. We’re proud to supply you with whatever product would make you the happiest.

Atitlan Leather's Handmade Leather Money Belt & Boots Sizing Chart

Atitlan Leather's Money Belts Sizing Chart

Leather Money Belt Sizing Recommendation

Atitlan Leather's Money Belt Sizing ChartOUR BELTS RUN TYPICALLY TWO SIZES LARGER THAN YOUR PANT SIZE!  So if you normally wear a pant size of 34 then a size 38 is what you probably want to order.  The best way to check is to measure your waist where you wear the belt.  The measurement in inches corresponds to the size of the belt.      

Handmade Leather Boots and Shoes Sizing Chart