Frequently Asked Questions

What belt size is good for me?

The sizing chart for our leather belts are based on the exact measurement of your waist.  A size 32 will fit a person whose waist is 32 inches in circumference.  More specifically the measurement from the end of the buckle to the middle hole on the belt is 32 inches. 

What kind of leather is used?

All our leather comes from once very happy cows.


Can I request a custom order?

Yes you can and please do!  You can ask for initials or date on any leather piece for only a $10 additional charge.  Get your personalized handcrafted leather wallet for yourself or a friend!  For any other custom items please contact us


How long does shipping take on custom orders?

1-2 months.  This varies a lot because it all depends on when your custom order is finished and when we ship from Guatemala to the U.S..  If you would like a custom order made for you and need it by a certain time frame please contact us to see if we can accommodate!


What are the working conditions in the shop where these products are made?  Are you fair trade certified?  

We are not fair trade certified at this time.  We will consider this big step in the future when it makes more economical sense.  In the meantime we would like to invite you to meet everybody involved on our ABOUT page.  Atitlan Leather ensures fair pay, working hours, and time off to all employees.  So, get the sweat shop out of your closet and replace a belt with one from Atitlan Leather!  If you would like to know more please contact us.      


Why is your name Atitlan Leather?

We make our products on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  An amazing place known for it's beautiful scenery and small Mayan villages. 



Atitlan Leather's Handmade Leather Money Belt & Boots Sizing Chart

Atitlan Leather's Money Belts Sizing Chart

Leather Money Belt Sizing Recommendation

Atitlan Leather's Money Belt Sizing ChartOUR BELTS RUN TYPICALLY TWO SIZES LARGER THAN YOUR PANT SIZE!  So if you normally wear a pant size of 34 then a size 38 is what you probably want to order.  The best way to check is to measure your waist where you wear the belt.  The measurement in inches corresponds to the size of the belt.      

Handmade Leather Boots and Shoes Sizing Chart