Victorian Leather Boots

There are plenty of reasons why these Victorian leather boots are one of Atitlan Leather's best sellers. For one, they are visually stunning with curves and stitches in all the right places. This footwear is perfect for enhancing any ensemble, any time, anyplace, and anywhere. For instance, a woman can wear them to work in a dress, to school in jeans, or even to a party in a skirt to complete her look.

The Victorian leather boots feature a classic, but forever modern brogue design. Because of their versatility, they are an excellent addition to any closet. Plus, these kicks are available in several lovely shades to accommodate your fashion needs such as...

Size Matters

Don't fret about not being able to find a comfy fit. The Victorian leather boots come in women's full and half sizes between 5 and 10. We highly recommend ordering 1/2 size smaller than your average shoe size.

Additionally, the units also come with laces. This feature is beneficial for a couple of different reasons. For one, the straps allow for a secure, snug fitting, which prevents the footwear from sliding up or down. Also, the Victorian leather boots can be laced in various ways for aesthetics. Go ahead, play around a little, and let your unique style flourish.

Sturdy, Robust, And No Slipping

All of the handmade leather goods are created by a small group of Lake Atitlan artisans. They pay close attention to the details to ensure that each one is of the highest quality. The Victorian leather boots feature the Goodyear welt construction method, which guarantees that the footwear is comfortable and long-lasting. There is a thin rubber lining attached to the bottom as well to prevent slipping. After all, nobody wants to be walking along only to skid on a slick surface and tumble to the ground.

Not Just Throw-Away Shoes

In today's world, it has become far too common for a person to buy a set of shoes, wear out the soles, and then, just toss them in the trash. The consumer can wind up paying a lot by having to purchase an entirely new pair of kicks again and again. These Victorian leather boots can get resoled at any cobbler. Hence, when the bottoms finally do start diminishing, you can let the professional do his or her job and keep them looking and feeling like new.  Many folks hate having to ditch broken-in footwear for not much of a reason. So, avoid the situation by getting Victorian leather boots that can get upgraded as needed.

Not Interested In Buying For Yourself

Victorian leather boots make ideal gifts for Christmas, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and more. Therefore, if there is a leather enthusiast in your life, consider giving them a set on a special occasion and watch their face light up with joy. Plus, if footwear doesn't float their boat, there are loads of other products available too such as money belts, camera straps, and wallets or purses. There is a little something for everyone, so don't be shy. Instead, stop by the site and see everything for yourself. 


Atitlan Leather's Handmade Leather Money Belt & Boots Sizing Chart

Atitlan Leather's Money Belts Sizing Chart

Leather Money Belt Sizing Recommendation

Atitlan Leather's Money Belt Sizing ChartOUR BELTS RUN TYPICALLY TWO SIZES LARGER THAN YOUR PANT SIZE!  So if you normally wear a pant size of 34 then a size 38 is what you probably want to order.  The best way to check is to measure your waist where you wear the belt.  The measurement in inches corresponds to the size of the belt.      


Atitlan Leather's Handmade Leather Boots and Shoes Sizing Chart