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  • Inspired by our Leather Coin Purse the Women's Crossbody Bag is even more versatile and unique. The sophisticated three flap design looks amazing but is also very functional. Handcrafted from smooth, supple vegetable tanned leather the bag takes on a character of it's own as she ages. You won't be disappointed with this leather crossbody bag.

    Three separate and spacious pockets make up the leather bag. After rotating the handle of the front clasp and peeling back the first flap it exposes the largest pocket, ideal for your phone or other things you need on hand. Unbutton and lift the remaining flaps to access the two more narrow pockets; a great help to keep organized and a place to put things that need to be more secured.

    The malleable adjustable leather strap is removable for whenever you want to use the bag as a handbag or organizer. With all these great uses and wonderful design, you'll wish you had one before.

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Clarissa G.
Great quality piece. Would buy something from here again.

Overall, the shipping didn’t take very long. While I had to wait a week for them to send it out, after they did, it only took 2 days for it to make it from Washington to California. I examined the bag very carefully looking for manufacturer defects, and happily I didn’t find any. The stitching is neat and has no frayed edges or pulled strings, the leather is a very nice quality, and is thick, and the latching mechanism is very sturdy as well. I really love this bag and I really think they should post more pictures of the inside pockets because there are three: One that is the same length and width of the purse, but thin; a large compartment in the middle (this is the one pictured); and another smaller, thin pocket in the front. These pockets are great and are definitely one of the things I like best about the bag, especially since most other leather purses have no organization pockets whatsoever. I also love the handmade attention to detail and would definitely recommend this maker to a friend.

Atitlan Leather

Thank you so much for the great, in depth review! Much appreciated!

Mary A.
I love my purse. It's

I love my purse. It's the perfect size and the perfect weight. It's comfortable and beautiful. Thank you so much.

Atitlan Leather

You're very welcome and we're glad you like it! Thank you!

Kristina A.
Exactly as pictured

Bag arrived quickly and exactly as pictured. I love the three separate pockets and I especially love how soft the bag is(inside and out). Thanks for a quality product!

Atitlan Leather

Thank you!

Danielle S.
Great bag

I love this bag so far! It's great. Going to order the change purse to match it now.

Jacqueline S.
Great Bag!

This bag is the perfect size. You can fit your wallet, phone, checkbook, keys and a bit of makeup with no problem. The bag is also very well made and I get compliments each time I wear it out.

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